Since 1958 Duropal has been a world leader in the manufacture of decorative high pressure laminates (HPL). Throughout the 1960’s Duropal was at the forefront of technological development in the industry including the first industrial scale application of urea resins for gluing HPL to chipboard; the recognised standard in use today. In 1969, the present day Arnsberg site was acquired and continues to deliver premium quality benchtops and laminates worldwide

Trademaster is a leading distributor of Duropal quadra benchtops & HPL laminates in Australia. Download the attached brochure to view our full range of Duropal products.


Duropal Benchtops contain a moisture resistant particleboard core, surface bonded with highly resistant anti-microbial HPL  and the underside is sealed with water-repellent backing. The postforming front edge of the Quadra worktop has a tight radius of 3mm and the rear edge is sealed with a protective edging strip. As a variant, it is also available with profiled edges on both sides in 900mm width.

Areas of application: Duropal worktops can be used wherever very high demands are made on surface resistance and durability. Thanks to their hygienic advantages, the classic areas of application are in modern kitchens and bathrooms, canteens and restaurants, laboratories and shop fitting, but also for industrial and commercial workplaces.

Anti-microbial surface: surfaces are described as antimicrobial if they have a mechanism of action that attacks, damages and ultimately destroys germs. Antimicrobial Duropal surfaces kill 99% of all germs on them within 24 hours, including MRSA-germs or bacteria as well as coliform bacteria (effectiveness confirmed by independent certification).


Duropal High Pressure Laminate – or: Duropal HPL – for short, is a decorative high-pressure laminate. It is made from a melamine resin impregnated decor paper layer and several core paper layers impregnated with phenol resin, which are pressed together under high pressure. The resulting material is very hardwearing, impact resistant, anti-microbial, temperature resistant and easy to clean.

Duropal HPL is therefore an ideal surface material for applications in which high use, durability and hygiene requirements with high design standards play a role.

Downloads: Duropal Benchtops Brochure | Anti-Microbial HPL Surface | Technical Data Sheet | Warranty & Care 

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