Formica Group is a leading provider of branded, designed surfacing solutions for commercial and residential customers worldwide. Formica delivers the look you’re after on any budget – simple to use and easy to maintain. It’s hygienic and long wearing properties make the range a favourite for home, commercial, educational and healthcare projects. View the Formica Colour Chart here.

Trademaster is a premier distributor for Formica and Laminex Australia. Browse our standard range of Formica and Laminex Wood Panels here: FormicaLaminex

Formica® Doors and Panels

Formica can transform a space in an instant. The range encompasses a tailored collection of solid colours, patterns and woodgrains to suit a limited budget while still achieving a high quality, stylish finish. We are a stockist of the Formica Wood Panel range at our South Granville Warehouse. For all special board orders, please fill out the enquiry form below.

NEW Grain Finish: the newest Formica finish, Grain is a hard-wearing, tactile, matte woodgrain texture. Beautifully finished and feeling like a woodgrain to the touch, Grain is used in Cabinetry Doors and Panels and Wardrobe Interiors and is available as Decorated Particleboard or Decorated MDF in select colours. Now available and in stock at Trademaster. Download Formica Grain Colour Range Here.


Formica® Benchtops & Laminates

From panels, laminates to melamine doors and laminate benchtops, the Formica range can help bring style and convenience to any project. Trademaster is a distributor of Formica and Laminex laminates whilst also manufacturing custom Laminate Benchtops in both Laminex and Formica decors. View our Benchtop Manufacturing services here: Benchtops


Special orders enquiry

Contact us on 1300 664 584, or alternatively use the form below to email us an enquiry about your Formica special orders.